International education consultancy plinth

International education consultancy plinth


Internationalization of higher education is gaining interest due to various needs of the international communities. It has been a critical component of bringing change in a society and nation. Increasing number of universities accepting higher number of international students each year shows the importance of the internationalization education.

With these wide options of innumerous schools and courses, students will need a solitary dais to search/apply for schools / verified courses as per their profile and would need proficient consultancy to decide on the schools / courses.


Sveltoz developed a business product to help the client take extensive steps in the direction of imparting a consultancy plinth for the students to search / apply for higher education.

The software had the below facets:

  • Consultancy model - Allows students to walk in with their profile and interests. They are then provided with list of schools and courses with basic portfolio information in different countries as per their requirements.
  • Consultants can then collect the required documents and then file an application to the requested school with stipulated documents and track the application status till student joins the school including the language proficiency tests schedules, VISA processing.
  • Email model – This model helps the consultants send and receive email from the student applicants with an in built feature to scan the email content and categorize and store the email and its attachments in respective students profile information.
  • Messenger model – Allows the consultants to communicate and transfer files amongst themselves.
  • Power point and Graph generator model – Helps the consultants to create presentations and perform data analytics based on the student profiles.
  • Salary calculator model – Helps the product owner to automate the salary and commission info based on the auto captured working hours of the consultants.
  • Staff performance model – Helps the product owner to decipher the consultants performance based on the applications processed.
  • Sales generator – Gives an overview on the sales record against the student application data.
  • The product offers a feature to allow the students to view /edit, comment on their applications. They are prompted with the appointments scheduled by the consultants and allow them to reschedule the same if required.

Key Business impact:

  • The students were facilitated with an easy channel and consultancy to choose among reputed verified schools /courses across countries and universities based on their profile and interest.
  • The needless effort in applying to various schools, gaining language proficiencies, and VISA processing trails were completely simplified.
  • The students were able to concentrate more on their goals and objectives and pre preparation for their higher education and not worry and spend time on application process.

Key Implementation Challenges:

  • Calendar Event Scheduling.
  • Handling multiple file uploads.
  • Implementing tag editors.
  • Integration with email client, Google maps to access the school/university locations.
  • Search facility – to list all the countries, cities and universities within the countries.
  • Implementing the messenger facility for communication/chats.
  • Employ event reminders.

Key success factors:

  • The application was built with five most powerful components with a multi faceted solution for managing, tracking, student’s applications to thousands of reputed schools/universities in various countries.
  • The application provided various access models for Admin, product owner, consultants and students.
  • The entire process – spanning over the student data collection till student’s joining to the applied school/university was automated and systematized.

Technologies used:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server 20012.
  •, Bootstrap, Ajax, Asp.Net MVC 5, Google Maps