Ingenious athlete training web site

Ingenious athlete training web site


Sport science is the most trending approach in prophecy of an individual's ability relating to the sporting world in individualization of training programs, according to specific needs and to identify possible strengths, weaknesses and prevent future injuries.

It focuses on scientific testing of athletes during off season, pre-season and competition season against various fitness components and assists them to maximize their potential with slightest possibility of injury.

The client wanted to build an inventive sports teaching website to allow athletes use sport science and compare their performance to that of a model and perform better.


Sveltoz, helped the client build a new data delivery golf training website to help athletes achieve their fitness goals.

It delivers an athlete data model, with various fitness components - Aerobic capacity, Muscle power, strength, endurance, Agility and Speed.

Athletes compare their performance with these proven models. Individualized program are designed specifically for the athlete with follow up sessions in order to achieve the fitness goals.

The athletes are regressed with Sport specific tests based on which areas of concern are identified and worked upon. Fitness levels are then monitored and recovery techniques are incorporated.

Key Business impact:

Many Olympic team associations started using the website which enabled their elite athletes to:

  • Study the movement /science of sporting activities and maximize their potential with the least possible risk of injury.
  • Make use of scientific periodization programmes with various components including: volume, intensity, duration and progression and strongly recommended follow-up sessions in order to achieve the fitness goals.
  • Compare their performance based on their Body composition, Aerobic capacity, Flexibility, Muscular endurance, strength, balance, agility, reaction times against the proven models and then improvise on the deficits. This helped them to constantly improve their performance and be triumphant in various competitions.

Key Implementation Challenges:

Key success factors:

  • The teaching tools in the website had an ability to generate both two and three dimensional models, and overlay the results with athlete‚Äôs video performance.
  • These sport teaching techniques built a new era in sports teaching profession.
  • The models were applied on hundreds of elite athletes in United States, Great Britain and Netherlands as consultants to their governing bodies.

Technologies used:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • C# .net, Java script, C++, Flash