Steadfast CRM Software

Steadfast CRM Software


Keeping track of customers across sales, support, and marketing touch points gets harder every day.:

Customers being lifeblood of any organization, Customer Relationship Management becomes an essential part of modern business management. Client interactions need to be tracked and analyzed in a systematic and organized fashion in order to build lasting customer relationship which translates to long-term success.

With this strategy, a firm built an access version as a CRM, but realized it to be considerably slow and erratic.

Hence the firm wanted a reliable and swift CRM solution to be employed to know their customers not on a personal basis but based on a full range of interactions they have with them and align the people and processes with customer relationship goals.


Sveltoz, then developed a dynamic CRM solution to manage and analyze client interactions and client data throughout their life cycle with below modules:

  • Client profile module – to compile all the clients profile details, interactions based on the calls, enquiries, emails and comments put up by the clients on the firm’s website under unique client ids.
  • Email Module – to allow emails to be sent to the clients directly via the CRM model.
  • Customer support module – to allow the client enquiries to be assigned to the sales team and allow the responses to be tagged / noted under the client id. Thus allow the managers to keep track of the open enquiries and response rate of the sales team.
  • Finance module – to keep track of the payments that are received and the ones that are due with appropriate reminders in place based on agreed payment schedule along with automatic invoice generation facet.
  • Reporting Module – to generate financial reports based on employee individual performance and company’s performance and be able to view reports on the basis of incoming cash flow vs. invoices being sent to the clients on weekly / monthly / yearly basis.
  • Event Model – to capture timing and sequence of various events / actions with the clients.
  • Search model – to allow client search based on an assortment of search criterion.

Key Business impact:

  • The firm was endowed with steadfast CRM software that could be installed on any of their machines at click of a button.
  • The software helped the sales teams to cross-sell and up-sell more effectively and drive the sales growth.
  • Organization could build a good customer rapport, gain confidence and retain the best mix of clients.
  • The firm won new contracts and clients and reduced management costs resulting in marketing automation.
  • Clients stated and unstated needs were indubitably satisfied.

Key Implementation Challenges:

  • Data mining – Extraction of hidden predictive information from large databases and predict future behavior of organizations.
  • Building a multi dimensional dynamic database to support OLAP.
  • Use of Report viewer to display various reporting formats.

Key success factors:

  • The CRM product offered multiple demanding modules like Sales force automation, Marketing automation, Customer support and services.
  • It had the ability to be easily plugged into any of the machines across networks without much installation efforts.
  • The CRM solutions were easy to customize and be used across industries.

Technologies used:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • C# .net, Asp.Net, Entity Framework, Crystal Report, MS Office Integration